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Iron Crypticle does a solid, if a bit unimpressive, job with its presentation, going for an art style that s faithful to its arcade style, pixelated roots, right down to the fuzzy scanlines if you choose to enable that feature in the options..Metacritic Game Reviews, Iron Crypticle for Switch, The glorious Royal Treasures of Cryptonia have been stolen. Now the King s washed up .IRON CRYPTICLE is an arcade twin stick dungeon shooter with Reviews. "It is far too early to choose your own Game of the Year in July, but .Remaking the little known but well received PC title Iron Fisticle yes, that name is hilarious Tikipod s charming me.val twin stick shooter .Iron Crypticle. Nintendo Switch. Reviewed by Josh Brant. Developed By Tikipod. Published By Tikipod. Category Action, Shooter. Release .Hours Played Review Copy Provided $ Iron Crypticle is a multiplayer twin stick shooter that toes the line between a modern rogue like and a classic arcade game. At a glance, the game seems to pull heavily from s arcade nostalgia, most notably Gauntlet and Smash TV, to build what should be a masterpiece..

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Image Result For Iron Crypticle Review

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