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  • Lets Get Sketchy

    When you're out and about and you randomly start singing the Clefairy song. I was so lost as to what it belonged to. I was having a little panic, like this has to be from somewhere I know I'm not making this up..

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Set To Get A Makeover For His Upcoming

    Viewers of the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer roasted the blue rodent for his strange appearance, causing the film's director to announce that the character will be redesigned..

  • Aladdin So Reagiert Will Smith Auf Dschinni

    Nach den bisher gezeigten Trailern zu Disneys Zeichentrick Klassiker Remake "Aladdin" machte sich Netzgemeinde vor allem ber Will Smiths Dschinni Look lustig..

  • Harry Potter Zauberstbe Ollivander Edition

    Ollivander Edition ist zweifellos h bscheste Art, einen Zauberstab aufzubewahren. Schachtel ist der Vorlage aus den Filmen nachempfunden, stabil gearbeitet und .

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