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The Tally Counter is an informational accessory that displays how many monsters have been killed. It is one of the three parts necessary to .The Tally Counter is an Accessory which shows how many monsters the player have killed. When equipped for the first time, the Tally Counter will show the text . Tally Counter , , , .This video will be covering the Tally Counter, an accessory that is found in the dungeon in the .Welcome to my Let s Play of Terraria! I ve put more hours into this game than probably any . I killed of them and i get ancient helmet like times but i can t get the Tally Counter. I m on hardmode so can be that?.According to the Wiki, there s a one in a hundred chance for it to drop from dungeon enemies, but I ve been on an hour long unmurder spree . It says chance of being dropped in pre hardmode dungeon but nothing about hardmode..

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Image Result For Tally Counter Terraria

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